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Engagement Activities | South Norwood Islamic Community Centre
Engagement Activities

Engagement Activities


Engagement Activities

Preventing Extremism

18 Sep, 2015
Location: Croydon Council

A meeting on the topic of 'preventing extremism' was held on the 16th September by the Croydon Council Stronger Communities Partnership Board. 
SNICC helped to plan and facilitate the meeting. Present at the meeting were Imams, Headteachers, Councillors and experts on the topic from the Metropolitan Police and Croydon Council.
A number of presentations were given  followed by a group discussion to identify actions. A follow-up meeting will be arranged to finalise the action plan.

SNICC Vists Croydon Synagogue

15 Aug, 2015
Location: Croydon Synagogue

On 9 August 2015 Croydon Synagogue in Shirley welcomed in members of the South Norwood Islamic Centre Community. The morning was very informative and those in attendance were shown copies of the Torah and taken on a tour of the Centre. The morning was concluded with tea and biscuits and discussions on inter faith and religious similarities. We extend our sincere appreciation to Croydon Synagogue for inviting us.

Inter-Faith Bike Ride

15 Jun, 2015
Location: South Norwood Islamic Centre

South Norwood Islamic Centre are proud to have successfully co-led Croydon's first interfaith bike ride. 


For more information see article from 'Croydon's Interfaith Bike Ride - A UK First?'


Sunday afternoon saw what could well be a UK first in cycling terms – an Interfaith Bike Ride. Taking in some of Croydon’s prominent faith venues, riders from all sections of Croydon’s diverse community came together to cycle between the various places of Worship whilst learning a bit about each place on the way round. The ride was led by experienced Cycle Instructors (who by the way you can book for free cycle skills sessions if you live or work in Croydon) and quickly filled up it’s 25 allotted spaces.


Great feedback came from the event with the following from Shujah Iqbal 'Well done to lovely diverse peeps who came together on this interesting and utterly unique bicycle ride through the Cronx. Thought provoking ideas and traditions were shared at places of worship and friends made along the way. Minds and horizons expanded, community life in croydon affirmed. Humbled by the amazing hospitality shown to us and spoiled with plentiful refreshments and tasty treats at all the visits. Finally, the tour was met by a large enthusiastic welcome committee at park hill park shared a Big picnic, we were congratulated by the Mayor of Croydon and some even played spot of cricket! Bravo!'


Whether religious or not, we always find common ground with people on a bike ride, it’s one of life’s great levellers. You soon realise how we are all the same when you’re all rolling along with a grin on your face or huffing and puffing collectively up a hill. Here’s hoping Croydon Council do a repeat of this next year and are able to increase the numbers so even more people can come together.


Feedback from Penny Smith-Orr:


Dear friends Just a note to say a huge well done and thanks to all for the excellent event FTiC put on today. Well done to Mumtaz for arranging the bike ride, the flier and fielding so many emails. Thank you to Nathan, Dr Sharma and all the people who did the faith presentations. Thank you to Sunni and the Sikh contingent for their lovely food and also to others who brought food. Thanks to David and Jagdish and Iqbal's family who helped to set up the park and the gang who helped to get everything packed up again. Thank you to mark and Monty and the other bike leaders for getting everyone safely round Croydon. Thanks too to Simon and Shujah who did such a lot of behind the scenes stuff and went out with the riders. It was a great event that everyone seems to have thoroughly enjoyed. The Mayor stayed for longer than she was supposed to and even the Bishop of Croydon (who is on sabbatical) came past in civilian clothes. I look forward to getting all the photos from everyone and think that we should have an interim news sheet about the day.
Great stuff! Penny

Representatives from Croydon Synagogue visit SNICC

15 Jun, 2015
Location: South Norwood Islamic Centre

On 31 May 2015 representatives from Croydon Synagogue accepted an invitation and visited SNICC. This was a unique opportunity which enabled us to work closer on inter faith issues. The representatives were taken on a tour of the Centre and the afternoon concluded with tea and snacks and discussions with members of our local community. We wish to express our sincere gratitude to Croydon Synagogue for their attendance.

Opportunity and Fairness Commission - Launch

29 Jan, 2015
Location: Stanley Halls, South Norwood

On 28 January 2015 three members of our Centre attended (on invitation) the launch of the Opportunity and Fairness Commission, an independent initiative commissioned by Croydon Council.

The evening was held at Stanley Halls, South Norwood and was hosted by the Commission Chair Rev Johnathan Colin and Vice Chair Hamida Ali.

We strongly urge our community to get involved and represent this diverse community. Please register your interest by visiting:

Croydon Beavers Visit

18 Nov, 2014
Location: South Norwood Islamic Centre

A group of Croydon Beavers attended a Saturday afternoon session at SNICC on 1 November 2014. The session was delivered by one of our trained volunteers who went through topics such as the Five Pillars of Islam, Islam and Women, Islamic Architecture and Questions and Answers. The group saw two of our daily prayers and interacted with our local community. The afternoon was topped off with snacks and drinks.

Best Wishes to Rev. Tom Hurcombe

27 Oct, 2014
Location: St Marks Church, South Norwood

Rev. Tom Hurcombe from St Marks Church on Albert Road led his last evening service on 26 October 2014. A member of SNICC attended and arrived at the end of the evening service (which happened to be straight after our evening prayer).  As usual, the congregation at St Marks Church were as welcoming as ever.  Rev. Tom was clearly pleased to see a member of SNICC, and we took the opportunity to give him a small retirement present on behalf of SNICC. 


Rev. Tom has always supported events held at SNICC and as recent as this summer he spoke in front of a large crowd at our Islamic Centre for which we had participated in an arts festival.  A recording of what Rev. Tom said is in our 'Media' section and is available as a download.  It was a good opportunity to meet Rev. Tom's replacement and it was agreed that we should meet again to continue the excellent relationship between SNICC and St Marks Church.

Faith Talks Season - Hajj Lecture

26 Sep, 2014
Location: Faith Education Resources Centre, Croydon

On 18 September 2014 a member of both South Norwood Islaimc Centre and the Croydon Faith Education Resources Centre arranged for a lecture regarding Hajj to be delivered as part of a season of faith related talks between Autumn 2014 and Spring 2015. The lecture was delivered by Imam Ashraf Hansrot from Thornton Heath Islamic Centre and was a great success. Those in attendance were given a detailed account of the Hajj and the lecture was followed by a question and answer session. 


Sheila Fenner the Resource Officer at the Faith Centre said: "Everyone who attended said how useful and interesting they found it and we are all now much better informed...' 

SNICC Community Open Day 2014

13 Jul, 2014
Location: South Norwood Islamic Centre

On 12 July 2014 we hosted our annual Community Open Day. This was as part of the wider South Norwood Arts Festival (SNAF) happening in the area. When invited to participate, we did think twice as the festival would take place half way through the holy month of Ramadan. We happily complied and volunteers worked through the month whilst fasting to ensure we put up our best ever exhibition. The Community Open Day theme was ‘Islamic Art’ and volunteers worked hard liaising with and gathering digital resources from museums from as far as Dublin, New York and Baltimore to ensure we had the best images for our display.


Doors opened at 1pm and the early birds present were able to hear the call to prayer and see the midday prayer take place at 1.30pm. Numbers steadily increased over the next hour and at 2.15pm we had prepared a presentation for those hundred or so in attendance. Children came forward turn by turn accompanied by a host to read poems, sing religious songs and deliver small speeches on how to help those in the community. To keep with the community theme we had invited Croydon Central MP Gavin Barwell, Les Kemp from Faiths Together in Croydon (FTiC) and Rev. Tom Hurcombe from St. Marks Church on Albert Road to say a few words (if you missed this, downloads are available on our Media/Audio page).  The last speech was by a local volunteer regarding the art display and how he had acquired over the years some of what was on display. Refreshments and snacks were provided straight afterwards.


All in all the day was a huge success and the Centre received positive feedback from all those who attended. Pictures from the day are on our Media/Gallery page for you to see if you missed the event.

South London Islamophobia Event

09 Jun, 2014
Location: South London Islamic Centre

On 26 May 2014 we attended an event on Islamophobia at South London Islamic Centre. The event was attended by around ninety to one hundred individuals and was hosted by the South London Council of Mosques (SLCOM). The crowd was made of individuals from various South London Mosque communities where the event had been publicised over the previous few weeks. All of the speakers gave a good insight into Islamophobia and also handled a thorough question and answer session. The attendees also learnt more about the South London Council of Mosques.