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Vision | South Norwood Islamic Community Centre




Our mission statement provides a good summary of what we are about.  The South Norwood Islamic Community Centre's mission is:


  1. 1.   To build bridges into the wider community.

  2. 2.   To create opportunities for women and youth.

  3. 3.   To nurture moral and spiritual growth.


Building Bridges into the Wider Community


There are four aspects to bridge-building work: welcoming people in to our centre, supporting local police, engaging with other faith-groups and increase cooperation between local Islamic Centre’s.


Welcoming People In


We're happy to welcome people to our Centre; anyone can contact us, via our website for instance, and arrange an individual or a group visit.  Over the years the Centre has hosted local School and Cub groups, yearly Arts Exhibitions, debates on Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism Strategy, Interfaith Meetings, MP’s Surgery’s and Youth Football Tournament’s to name a few. You can find out more on who has visited the Centre by visiting our ‘Who has Visited Us’ page.


Supporting Local Police


Crucial to supporting our local community is supporting the police.  We are determined that our community is law abiding and an integral part of society.  We've been active in various ways a few of which are summarised below:


·         In April 2011, we helped the Metropolitan police develop its counter-terrorism engagement strategy by hosting one of the first MET-P events.  Since then, SNICC volunteers have been active and valued participants in further MET-P events around London.


·         We are in regular contact with local police commanders to support community policing and to enable the local Safer Neighbourhood Teams. Following the riots in 2011 we actively supported MP Gavin Barwell's initiative to unite young people in the Croydon borough by supporting 'Project Change.' 


·         Following the tragic events in Woolwich, we were asked to host a liaison event between the local community, police commanders and senior council officials on 31st May, 2013.  We were happy to oblige, the event was regarded as a success.


Engaging with Other Faith-groups


SNICC is a key participant in the Faith Together in Croydon (FTiC) initiative.  We join our friends there and work with other faith-groups to bring the many diverse faith communities in Croydon together.  In 2012, FTiC took part in a London-wide interfaith walk, where some of the SNICC team formed the FTiC group.  In both 2012, 2013 and 2014, we helped FTiC to organise a 'lunch in park' event.  Recently, we helped FTiC to organise a discussion on Islamophobia. We are also on the Board of the Croydon Faith Education Resources team based in Ashburton who are responsible for leasing religious education resources to Croydon and Southwark schools. 


Increase Local Islamic Centre Cooperation


SNICC has played a pivotal role in liaising with local South London Mosques. We are the founding members of SLCOM (South London Council of Mosques) whose mission is to promote racial and religious harmony through the promotion of mutual understanding between different racial and religious groups; closer cooperation between local Mosques, service providers and faith communities; and advising on community issues.


Creating Opportunities for Women and Youth


SNICC is committed to serving and empowering our own community, especially where that service is required.  It is harder for Muslim women, who want to be observant of their faith, to receive the services they need.  We're here to help.  We have organised English language tuition for women and we run a ladies sports club which takes places weekly.  Over the years we have organised several 5-aside football tournament for boys and hold ad-hoc sessions on C.V writing, GCSE tutorial and lessons on how to live in the UK displaying exemplary manors and characteristics.


Nurturing Moral and Spiritual Growth


SNICC is, first and last, a faith centre; supporting people in their moral and spiritual endeavours is the most basic reason for SNICC.  Our centre is a place of prayer, a place where God is remembered, and a place where people come to observe the ordinances of their religion.


To find out more about what we have been up to please visit our ‘Engagement Activities’ page.